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NEAR E 596 A: Special Studies In Near Eastern Languages And Civilization

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MW 11:30am - 1:20pm
MGH 058
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NEAR E 296 A
Sarah Ketchley
Sarah Ketchley

Syllabus Description:

Welcome to An Introduction to Digital Humanities!

An overview of the range of DH projects can be found here.

Omeka install for this quarter's work:

log in to Omeka :

General Links and Information

  • Documentation and Tutorials
  • Contact, Policies, General Information, Office Hours here.
  • Evaluation and Grading Rubrics here.
  • Download a copy of the full syllabus here.
  • Reading List - see links in each week's class information.


You must show evidence of your reading outside of class in your weekly Work Log! The assigned reading is detailed before each class in the 'Preparation' links in the Syllabus (below).  Evidence of reading is also demonstrated by asking questions based on what you've read, by engaging in thoughtful discussions with your group and class, and by experimenting with some of the concepts/tools you learn about outside of class and detailing this in your Work Log.  Grading of this aspect of the course by the instructor and TA is based on observation, discussion, attendance and participation and contributes to the 'Assignments/Reading/Pre-Class Preparation' and 'In Class Participation' grades (20% and 20% respectively).

Overview of Spring Quarter 2016

Week 1

Monday March 28th

Welcome & Orientation


In Class

Wednesday March 30th

What is a Digital Project : Evaluating Digital Humanities Projects


In Class

Week 2

Monday April 4th

Install troubleshooting, dataset overview, Omeka accounts, 

web basics


In Class

Wednesday April 6th

Digital Project Management

Omeka Setup



Week 3 Monday April 11th Project Charter & Project One Pager
Wednesday April 13th

Copyright and Open Source Material Helene Williams

In Class

Compiled List

Week 4 Monday April 18th Corpus Creation & Curation; Cleaning Data with Open Refine

Preparation & In Class

Wednesday April 20th UW Digital Initiatives Ann Lally

In Class

Week 5

Monday April 25th

Risk Assessment and Data Management Plans

Website Usability


Wednesday April 27th

Dublin Core Metadata & Metadata Lab

Preparation & In Class

Week 6 Monday May 2nd Simple Python & Web Scraping Exercise

Preparation & In Class

Wednesday May 4th Lab Work


Week 7 Monday May 9th Markup & Structured Data : XML & TEI

Preparation & In Class

Wednesday May 11th Text & Corpus Analysis/Topic Modeling


In Class

Week 8 Monday May 16th Geoparsing/Mapping

Preparation & In Class

Wednesday May 18th Data Visualizations/Timelines

Preparation & In Class

Week 9 Monday May 23rd Crowdsourcing

Source Doc

Wednesday May 25th Lab Work
Week 10 Monday May 30th NO CLASS - MEMORIAL DAY






































N.B. Course schedule may vary, and is not be be considered final.  Any updates will be announced in class and on Canvas.

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