Study Abroad: Before You Go

  1. Plan ahead! Want to study abroad in the summer? Start planning the previous Autumn quarter. It's never too early. 
  2. Do your research. Check out the Find a Program page at the UW Study Abroad site and talk to other students about their experiences abroad. Talk to your language instructor or advisor about possible programs as well. 
  3. Contact UW's study abroad office. You must concurrently register with the Study Abroad office in order to receive UW credit for any courses abroad. You can apply to an unaffiliated program and still receive UW credits; however, you must complete the Credit Verification Form and receive credit pre-approval from one or more departments before your departure. 
  4. Contact your MELC advisor to discuss your intended program's courses and how they will count toward your MELC requirements. Study abroad courses will not automatically count for MELC credit. The final evaluation will be determined by MELC faculty/department after the program is completed. 
  5. Make sure you enroll in the appropriate courses. Some may not count towards the MELC degree. For instance, a course in Moroccan Colloquial Arabic will count as ARAB 490 but will not count towards any elementary or intermediate Arabic courses (ARAB 411-412-413; ARAB 421-422-423). 
  6. Don't forget to apply for funding. UW Study Abroad offers a scholarship for undergraduates studying abroad. For information on other funding opportunities, please refer to the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards page, UW Study Abroad scholarships page, and the Study Abroad Finances page. Students receiving financial aid should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for procedures on how to apply their aid towards a study abroad program.