What can you do with a degree from MELC?

Having grounded their undergraduate experience in an interdisciplinary study of the Near and Middle East, our alumni understand the interconnected, multifaceted nature of the world’s relationships and challenges. They analyze and approach complex issues from multiple perspectives, enabling the development of novel solutions. They possess in-demand skills—including clear, persuasive communication and the ability to operate in unfamiliar environments—as well as language proficiency and cultural competency.

Many students pair their major or minor with a major in another field. Popular options include business and international studies as well as linguistics and other options in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields. Whether they graduate with one major or two, alumni find themselves prepared to succeed in a variety of careers as well as in graduate and professional studies.

Example Alumni Job Titles Example Alumni Employers
  • Attorney
  • Foreign service officer
  • International business consultant
  • Interpreter - academic, scientific
  • Product manager
  • Research project coordinator
  • Software developer
  • Technical writer
  • Amazon
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Microsoft
  • Palantir Technologies
  • US Agency for International Development
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Seattle Public Schools
  • Wikimedia Foundation

Alumni Profiles

  • There's a Job for That! - Take a quick quiz to learn what College of Arts & Sciences alumni with similar interests have done since graduating.
  • Next Destination for MELC Majors - See survey data from recent UW graduates on the opportunities they pursued immediately after graduation.
  • UW LinkedIn — See career trajectories of UW graduates from NELC as well as other fields.

Career & Job Resources

University of Washington offers diverse resources to help students build the skills to launch their careers:

  • C21: Center for 21st Century Liberal Learning — Offers immersive learning experiences, partnerships both on campus and in the community, and a network of mentors to help guide students in the College of Arts & Sciences on the pathway toward selecting a major and preparing for a career after college.
  • Career & Internship Center — Educates and supports students as they explore and choose academic majors and career options, obtain and reflect upon career-related experiences, and develop professional presence and essential skills for workplace success.
  • Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Center Coordinates and connects students to community-based experiences in and around Seattle.
  • Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships — For students interested in careers utilizing their foreign language skills, FLAS Fellowships are an outstanding resource, and NELC has a strong record of helping students obtain these opportunities.