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Teaching Assistantships

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The NELC Department has both year-long and quarterly Teaching Assistantships available. Graduate students and graduate applicants interested in and qualified for Teaching Assistantships are encouraged to apply by JANUARY 15, following the application procedure below. Applications submitted after the priority deadline may be successful, but cannot be guaranteed consideration.

New applicants or former NELC TAs applying for new course/area

  1. Online application form
  2. A cover letter stating your qualifications in the area for which you are applying and any prior teaching experience, if any. For UW courses, please give course number and quarter taught
  3. Two letters of recommendation from faculty who are familiar with your work*

Email your cover letter to Letters of recommendation should be emailed directly to by the instructor/professor. *NELC M.A. applicants need not submit letters of recommendation, as they are with the application package.

Former NELC TAs applying for a position in same course/area as previous position(s)

  1. Online application form
  2. One letter of evaluation from the faculty member who supervised the applicant during the previous TA appointment in that course or area. This should be emailed directly to by the faculty member.

Most of the available teaching assistantships are half-time positions (50% FTE) and carry a monthly salary, tuition waiver (up to a maximum of 18 credits per quarter), and health benefits (if TAship is for the full academic year), during the quarter(s) in which the Teaching Assistantship is held. During each quarter of a Teaching Assistantship, the student must be enrolled in a minimum of ten credits of graduate coursework leading to a degree (2 credits in Summer).

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