MA Requirements

Graduate students must meet both Graduate School Requirements and MELC Department Graduate Program Requirements in order to graduate.

Graduate School Requirements

I. 36 CREDITS: Credits completed with a final course grade of 2.7 or higher (400 level or above, with at least 18/36 credits at the 500 level or above. Please note that 498/499 courses do not count for graduate level credit). Please note that courses numbered 600, 700, and 800 ARE NOT calculated into a student's grade point average. 
II. CUMULATIVE GPA: Minimum of 2.0.
III. MASTER’S DEGREE REQUEST: File online through MyUW.
IV. TIME LIMIT: Complete all degree requirements within six years.

MELC Department Graduate Program Requirements

Details about all of these requirements can be found in our Graduate Student Handbook

Important MELC Graduate Program Documents