Arabic & Islamic Studies Program

Interest in MELC's Arabic and Islamic Studies Program at UW is at an all-time high. In our program, we emphasize the creation of a broad understanding of the Islamic world through the understanding of the Arabic language and Islamic cultures generally. In our language courses, students reach advanced levels of proficiency in both spoken and written Arabic. The program is designed to help undergraduates and graduate students at the Master's level to develop their respective abilities in reading literary, religious, legal, and historical texts from all periods and all Arabic-speaking countries. We teach Arabic to a diverse body of students with a wide range of academic and professional needs. We do so by integrating knowledge of the five essential language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. MELC offers a comprehensive program that includes courses also on language, literature, linguistics, pedagogy, and cultural studies. In addition, MELC enhances Arabic language learning by way of a number of study abroad programs.

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