In July 2020 the Division of Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences moved all of its undergraduate advising into a centralized hub, Humanities Academic Services (HAS). HAS is a resource for undergraduate student and faculty services within the Humanities division of the UW College of Arts & Sciences. From student advising and support resources to course management and curriculum coordination, our office works to advance the Humanities experience.

Graduate students seeking advising should contact MELC's Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC).


If you are a student and have questions or concerns about the different programs that MELC offers (such as the MELC Major or Minor, for instance), and for technical advice on administrative procedures/requirements or graduate admissions, please contact Humanities Academic Services.

Graduate Program Advising

For technical advice on administrative procedures and requirements, contact the Graduate Program Assistant (GPA) at or (206) 543-6033.

For questions regarding academic procedures and requirements or concerns, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) Professor Aria Fani at or (206) 543-4959.

Please keep in good communication with both the GPA and the GPC. It is important that they be kept informed of exam dates, graduation plans, study abroad dates, and any other information affecting your status and/or progress in the program.

Facebook Page

The purpose of the MELC Facebook Page is primarily to inform students of many opportunities and announcements from across the University without clogging students' email accounts.

It also serves as a way to engage our current students in the whole of the Near East more than just the one region/language they are specializing in, to promote study of the region to non-but potential-MELC students, and to give students springboards with which to explore the region beyond class assignments.