Graduate Program Admissions FAQ

What is the application deadline?
Application deadline is January 15.

Where can I apply?
You can only apply online through the UW Graduate School admissions website.

Do you have a Ph.D. program?

Does MELC require GRE/IELTS test scores for program admission?
Yes. Official test scores are due by January 15 of each year.

Did you get my transcript/GRE scores/etc.?
MELC cannot view your application until you officially apply. After you officially apply, you can check the status of your application by logging in to your account.

Can I submit more/less than three (3) letters of recommendation?

Just to be sure MELC received everything, can I send a copy of my application to the Department?
Please do not mail any materials to our Department.

Why is my application not marked complete even though I turned everything in by January 15?
The Graduate Program Advisor has to go through each application and make sure all of the materials were received before marking the application complete. This may take a few days after the January 15 deadline.

Can I turn in my application after January 15?
No, it will not be accepted. When will admissions decisions be made? Late February to early March. the application deadline is January 15.

I was not accepted into your program. Why?
Our Department has limited spots every year in its graduate program. Our faculty use various criterion when evaluating candidates’ applications for admission. Admission decisions are not solely based on the strength of your application, but about the expectations of our graduate program as defined on our website.