NEAR E 309 A: Death and Afterlife in the Ancient World

Spring 2023
MW 3:30pm - 4:50pm / SAV 166
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NEAR E 509 A
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The step pyramid of Pharoah Djoser of Egypt - the first known pyramid to be completed by the Egyptian kings!

In this course, we will explore beliefs about death and the afterlife from the ancient Middle East.  We will have three units, each focusing on a different geographical area: Egypt, Syria & Canaan, and Mesopotamia.  We will look at myths, burial inscriptions, and burial practices from each region, trying to piece together what the ancient peoples of these areas believed about death. There are no prerequisites for this course. Can be taken for A&H or SSc credit.

Assignments include: guided reading questions, fun in-class activities, two unit stories, and a final project in which you become an ancient tomb salesperson and try to convince us to be buried in your cemetery!

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GE Requirements Met:
Social Sciences (SSc)
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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