The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project

The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project. Newbook Digital Texts.

Emma B. Andrews is best remembered for her association with the millionaire lawyer turned archaeologist/art and antiquities collector, Theodore M. Davis. Traveling to Egypt with him between 1889 and 1912, she kept detailed journals of these voyages along the Nile, including his important yet under-reported excavations of 20 significant tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Emma provides a vital commentary on the archaeology and pioneering Egyptologists of the time. She paints a revealing picture of the lives of the colonial gentry and the cultural and scientific literati in Egypt at the dawn of the twentieth century.

To date, her diaries are unpublished; analysis of the contents of 19 volumes will afford scholars and a general audience information about an important historical resource for the first time.

Since its inception in 2010, the scope of our project has broadened to include the transcription and digitization of a wide range of primary historical material from the 'Golden Age' of Egyptian archaeology. The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project is one of the founding partners of Newbook Digital Texts.

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