HAPPY HALLOWEEN Witches in Turkish Shadow Theater

Submitted by Selim S. Kuru on

NELC shares with you "the Witches," a traditional Turkish shadow theater play performed in English translation to add some good fun to your Halloween.

NELC Professor Walter Andrews has always been after spooky projects. In 1980s he developed a project titled "Turkish Shadow Puppet Theater: A Window on Turkey". It was a curriculum package to serve as a vehicle for learning or teaching about Turkey through an introduction to traditional Turkish shadow puppet theater.

Targeting various age groups, the project involved translating shadow theater plays and performing those. Working with advanced Turkish students Karen Murphy and Claire Hickman and UW media staff directed by Timothy Lorang, Walter's group recorded one of the shadow plays, "The Witches" which is available on DVD at the University of Washington Libraries and on YouTube, which NELC now shares with you for Halloween fun.

Walter continues to haunt imaginations of students and widen their horizons to explore new ways of thinking about Humanities research through Newbook Digital Texts. Newbook features various digital humanities projects which redefine text editing on a digital age and train undergraduate and graduate students digital methodologies.