"Effu­sive ado­ra­tion of Hebrew": Prof. Naomi Sokoloff on Hebrew poetry in two publications

Submitted by Selim S. Kuru on
Image includes a sam­ple from A Crit­i­cism of Sys­tems of Hebrew Metre, 1905 — Jew­ish Stud­ies Per­spec­tives, 1800 – 1918

Prof. Naomi Sokoloff published a piece for the Jewish Book Council's "Paper Brigade Daily" titled "What Poets Write About When They Write About Hebrew" focusing on a selection of verses in translation from Hebrew that comment on the Hebrew language. The piece looks at Jews with different backgrounds as well as Arab citizens of Israel expressing their relationship to the Hebrew language in the form of poetry. Prof. Naomi Sokoloff is the National Jewish Book Award winner.

The second publication is another short piece that signify the teaching skills of Prof. Sokoloff and creative impulse she engenders in her students. An Access Student, Diane Crago, composed a poem while she was attending Prof. Sokoloff's Jewish poetry course NEAR E496 in Spring 2020. Impressed by the poem, Prof. Sokoloff submitted it to an e-book project Creating Under Covid by Bar Ilan University (a bilingual publication in English and Hebrew) devoted to people's reflections on the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon editor's request, Prof. Sokoloff wrote a short introductory piece that is now published along with Crago's poem under the "Holocaust Literature and Representation" Forum of the publication (pp. 133-134). Prof. Sokoloff appreciates how Access Students enrich our programs at UW and adds, "Diane was a wonderful participant in class discussions and now she's a published poet."