Meet and Hear From our Language Students

Submitted by Rick Aguilar on

In celebration of our recent departmental name change, we sought to gather first-hand feedback from our students on their experience learning a foreign language at MELC. We firmly believe that the best way to gain insight into our courses is by hearing directly from those who know us best: our students.

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to talk to and record several students from five different language classes - Arabic, Hebrew, Kazakh, Persian, and Turkish. These videos were recorded and produced by Russell Hugo, the Assistant Director of the UW Language Learning Center, and our MELC faculty Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz.

During these conversations, students shared their motivations for studying a foreign language at MELC, along with their favorite words, and offered advice to those interested in pursuing language studies.

Here is what they had to say:

Arabic students – Keenan Foster, Susan Gaylard & Katie Ruesink: link

Hebrew students – Liv Fowler & Forrest Martin: link

Kazakh student – Easton Kugler: link

Persian students – Isabelle Tsiprin & Paul Kane: link

Turkish students – Paul Kane & Svetlana Ostroverkhova: link

Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz