Engaging Academic Events by the Turkish and Ottoman Studies Program

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By Damla Aydin

In the hundredth year since the founding of the Republic of Turkiye, the Fall Quarter at our university witnessed two intellectually stimulating academic events courtesy of the Turkish and Ottoman Studies Program, led and coordinated by Dr. Melike Yücel Koç as part of the 2023-2024 Talk Series.

The first event unfolded on October 20 in the MELC conference room, drawing participants from various disciplines, including both academics and students. Renowned academic Dr. Reşat Kasaba of the Jackson School of International Studies at UW took the stage to deliver a compelling talk titled "Rural-Urban Relations in Turkey: Republican Experience." Dr. Kasaba shared insightful observations on rural-urban relations and urbanization in Turkey, drawing inspiration from Kemal Karpat's "Gecekondu" and Orhan Pamuk’s "Strangeness in My Mind." Following his address was a vibrant Q&A session. We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Reşat Kasaba for his enlightening speech and to all participants for their valuable contributions.

The second event, held on November 1 in Kane Hall, featured a talk by Dr. Ersin Kalaycioglu, a prominent Political Sciences professor from Sabanci University in Turkey. In conversation with Dr. Reşat Kasaba, the event, titled “A Hundred Years of Flux: Political Change in Turkey,” attracted a large international audience. The discussion delved into the significant political events of the Republic of Turkey, exploring the dynamics of reform, development, and change as the country celebrated its centennial. The conversation concluded with thought-provoking questions from participants, creating a platform for academic, professional, and social communication. 

Our heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Kalaycioglu, Dr. Kasaba, and all esteemed participants for making this event a success and enriching our academic community. We also thank TACAWA for their generous support in inviting Dr. Kalaycioglu for this event.