Prof. Stephanie Selover Awarded a Site Preservation Grant by the  American Institute of Archaeology

Submitted by Naomi B Sokoloff on
Test Wall after Cleaning and Conservation

The American Institute of Archaeology (AIA) has awarded the 2024 Site Preservation Grant to MELC Associate Professor Stephanie Selover. The grant is for continued work at Prof. Selover’s archaeological excavations at the site of Khirbat al-Baluʿa, an important Iron Age Moabite and medieval Islamic village, located in central Jordan. The grant is intended to fund projects that uphold the AIA’s mission to preserve and protect the world’s archaeological heritage for future generations, and to enhance global preservation efforts and promote awareness of the need to protect threatened archaeological sites This summer, work at Khirbat al-Baluʿa will continue excavations and begin work on a long-term conservation project of the previously excavated architecture. Conservation work will be carried out in cooperation with Sela for Training and Protection of Heritage, a local non-profit conservation and training company, and the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. The AIA Site Preservation Grant will allow the creation of a new conservation program to start in the 2024 season and continue into the 2026 season. The proposed preservation plan will have three parts: community outreach, GPS mapping of site destruction, and long-term conservation of standing architecture.