NEAR E 312 A: Looting and Loss: The Recent Destruction of Cultural Heritage Sites in the Middle East

Winter 2023
TTh 1:30pm - 3:20pm / LOW 102
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ARCHY 512 A , ARCHY 369 A
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Looting and Loss features frank discussions on topics such as museums, antiquities laws, the legal and illegal antiquities trade, and the recent politicization, looting, and destruction of archaeological and cultural sites in the Middle East.

The course begins with a historical look at the ancient destruction of cultural material, from ancient Mesopotamia to the Romans and beyond. We will cover the politics of archaeology in the Middle East from the First Gulf War to more recent times, including the rise of Daesh (ISIS/IS/ISIL) and archaeological politics in the rest of the Middle East. 

The class will highlight the various rationalizations for looting and destruction of archaeological sites, from subsistence looting by local communities, to the wholesale ideological destruction of past cultures, as well as the market for legal and illegal antiquities throughout the world. Finally, we will delve into what is being done by various countries and organizations to combat the problems of looting and destruction in our times.

All classes will be given via Zoom. Classes will be given synchronously and will not be recorded. Each class is discussion based and requires student participation.


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Social Sciences (SSc)
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