Ryan Robinson Chose NELC for "Incredible Professors and Fascinating Classes"

Submitted by Selim S. Kuru on

My name is Ryan Robinson, and I am a senior in the NELC department. I chose this department because it allowed me to pursue my interest in the Middle East with the assistance of incredible professors and fascinating classes that compliment my second major, archaeology.

Through the NELC department I have begun studying Arabic, which has increased my cultural awareness and will open many doors in my professional life. I have also taken illuminating discussion-based courses on subjects like Islamic history and Persian literature. Through the opportunities offered by the NELC department, I have been fortunate enough to receive multiple scholarships, including the FLAS, which funds my language studies, and the Irene Dickson MacFarlane Scholarship, which is awarded to students in humanities programs.

Finally, with the helpful guidance of my adviser Stephanie Selover I have finished writing my Honors thesis, which has greatly added onto my education and prepared me for what lies beyond UW.