Scott Noegel

Director of Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East Program
Scott Noegel

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Ph.D., 1995, Cornell University
Ph.D. 2016, Honorary, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
MA, 1991, Cornell University


Courses Taught

Autumn 2024

Spring 2024

Winter 2024

Autumn 2023

Spring 2023

Winter 2023

Autumn 2022

Winter 2022

Autumn 2021

Additional Courses

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) Introduction to the Ancient Near East, The History of Biblical Interpretation, Biblical Prophets, Women in the Bible, Prophecy in Judaism and Islam, The Kings of Monarchic Israel, Ancient Mesopotamian History, Pharaonic Egypt in the Context of the Ancient Near East, West Semitic Inscriptions. (Inscriptions from Biblical Times), Akkadian Language, Hieroglyphic Egyptian Language, Magic in the Ancient World, Ancient Near Eastern Religion, Ugaritic Language, Medieval Hebrew Poetry, Changing Conceptions of Humanity in the Ancient Mediterranean World, Ancient Cosmologies, Religion, Violence, and Peace: Patterns across Time and Tradition, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Literary Sophistication of Ancient Texts, Biblical Research: Method and Interpretation.

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