Developing Literacies in the Digital Humanities Classroom: A Case Study.

Sarah Ketchley, Jared Nister. "Developing Literacies in the Digital Humanities Classroom: A Case Study." Exploring Literacies Through Digital Humanities: A dh+lib Special Issue. ACRL, 2020.

co-authored with Jared Nistler.

Librarians are well aware, as are many faculty, of the intricate relationships between digital humanities (DH) and literacies—information literacy, visual literacy, digital literacy, data literacy, and the like. Scholarship centered on this intersection is spread across books and journals in numerous disciplines, however. Because of this broad range of publication venues, the scholarly conversation around DH and literacies has not always been easy to follow. In response, this dh+lib special issue is an attempt to bring together practitioners and foster discussion from a number of perspectives, providing ‘on the ground’ applications that, webelieve, will encourage and empower our colleagues and peers to engage more deeply in this work.

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