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Transfer Information


While you are at community college/another university

Take general core requirement courses. Use the UW Transfer Course Equivalency Guide to learn which courses will fulfill UW requirements.

Contact Humanities Academic Services to establish a timeline and a degree plan. A major in MELC is difficult (and not always possible) to complete in two years as a transfer student, so you will need to plan your degree timeline strategically even prior to entering the UW.

Note that transferred language courses do not automatically fulfill MELC language requirements. You will have to take a placement test or have an evaluation before you are awarded MELC credit and/or before you are allowed to place into a level past the first quarter of the first level.

If you hope to transfer language courses into MELC, you must look over the appropriate UW MELC Placement Exam Info sheet. This will outline what is required to demonstrate proficiency, what material will be tested over if a placement test is required, who to contact, etc.

Once you are admitted to UW

If you have not already done so, schedule a meeting with Humanities Academic Services to establish a degree plan and timeline.

If you have studied a Middle Eastern language elsewhere, then look into the requirements for placing into the next appropriate level BEFORE beginning at UW.

Each language is offered on a sequence that begins autumn quarter. If you do not look into placement requirements far before the start of classes, you may not be able to start language classes until the following autumn, thus losing a year of valuable time.

Once you begin in MELC at UW

Jump in!

Take advantage of frequent campus lectures and symposia about Near and Middle Eastern culture.

Join the MELC Student Group to connect and build community with other MELC students and take part in social, academic, and community-focused events. 

Maintain good correspondence with Humanities Academic Services along the way to ensure that you stay on track and are informed about all the opportunities available to NELC majors. 

General Education Credits

Washington State community and technical college students: see the UW Equivalency Guide to find out how your courses will transfer.

The Undergraduate Admissions Office awards transfer credit from previous college work. If you feel that a transfer course should be listed under a general education or MELC requirement contact Humanities Academic Services. Please be prepared to provide some form of documentation from your course, such as a syllabus. Only those courses that have been awarded transfer credit by the Admissions Office can be considered for general education or MELC credit.

For information on transferring study abroad credits, please see Study Abroad: Transferring Credit.