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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

There are sometimes opportunities for undergraduate students to be involved in research projects being conducted by faculty in MELC. For more information, contact the department at:

Svoboda Diaries

Note: Near East 499B-permission only

Join a team of faculty and undergraduate researchers working on a collection of personal diaries from 19th and early 20th century Iraq. Participate in preparing these unique texts for web and print publication. Help collect historical information and convert it into notes and articles for the project “wiki”. Make presentations about the project to campus and off-campus groups. Learn basic web tools [HTML, XML, SXLT etc.] and work with a variety of digital humanities resources.

We are especially seeking students with interests in Middle Eastern Languages, culture, and history, in European colonial history, and in digital humanities technology. The positions are unpaid and require a commitment of at least 6 hours of work per week for two quarters. Longer commitments are preferred. We will train you and offer 499 B credits to qualified students. No matter what your major, if you are interested, we would be glad to talk to you.

Contact Professor Selim Kuru at for more information. Visit the site for the project description and history.

Ottoman Text Archive Project